Sans Oceana is the collaborative effort of artists Rick Sans and Sergio Andujar II to redefine fashion and wearable art. We are currently producing extremely limited run apparel and art. Our influences come from the around the world and our experiences in it. “It is for those of us like minded, who like to wear art, be fashionable, or feel what we wear is an extension of ourselves expressed in the visual form.”

“It is for those of us like minded, who like to wear art, be fashionable, or feel what we wear is an extension of ourselves expressed in the visual form.”

-Sans Oceana


Formed in April of 2004, the duo formulated a plan to create original ideas and designs that could be expressed differently than what was out there. While working their retail jobs in the daytime, they would sketch ideas and brainstorm. At night they would experiment with the process of screen printing. Experiments with dyes and different inks led to their first few series of shirts as well as all kinds of one of a kind pieces.

In 2007 the duo started submitting art to different galleries. Sans Oceana had their first fashion show that also doubled as their launch party; in Delray Beach, Florida in December. During 2008 Sans Oceana was asked to participate in numerous fashion shows including Fashion Week Cleveland and Fashion Flash; an annual fashion show put together by the Plain Dealer Newspaper. In the spring, the dance crew “Kaba Modern” wore some shirts the guys printed on the first season of “Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew” on MTV. That summer their clothes were worn in a commercial for the Nintendo DS game “Red Bull BC One”.

In 2009 Sans Oceana opened a pop up store in the Shoparooni Annex for the month of March. In November and December, Rick designed and printed apparel worn on camera for the feature film “Death of the Dead” and Hollywood film “Scavengers”.

In early 2010 the duo had their first solo show “The New Era” in Artificial Gallery in Lakewood, OH. They went on to have another duo show “ Visualization” in Bela Dubby that same spring. In between the shows Sans Oceana traveled abroad to Tokyo, Japan. The largest source of inspiration and the number one thing they wanted to experience finally lay before them. With their obsessions with designer vinyl toys, video games, Asian cultures and just Tokyo in general, they finally achieved some amount of inner peace. With that peace, the fires of their desires to go back and continue establishing themselves there continue to erupt. That fall the duo expanded their fanbase with a booth at DesignerCon 2010 in Pasadena, CA.

In March of 2011, Sans Oceana curated a group vinyl toy show “The Vinyl Takeover ” at the Artificial Gallery in Lakewood, OH. The rest of the year was spent making commissioned artwork and customized vinyl figures for a variety of clients all over the world. During 2012, the duo started discussing creating a new brand for not just customizing figures but producing vinyl and resin designer toys. After selling the majority of the figures they brought to DesignerCon 2012, they knew this was something they had to pursue.

Early 2013 the duo focused on producing art that was selling regularly at local Cleveland galleries. Mid 2013 has brought the discussed idea of a new brand into reality. They teamed up with master sculptor Benjamin Howard of Fizzman Industries fame as the trio behind the new company. While this has been covertly developed, Rick and Sergio found a renewed interest in producing more shirts for the local Cleveland community. Currently the group is now planning the release party for the new brand on December 20th, 2013, while Sans Oceana develops new designs for Cleveland and other various themed shirts and other products.

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